• EASY TO PUT ON & STAY ON: With wide, adjustable tabs, these disposable cat diapers are easy to put on and stay on with a secure fit. VIEW DEMONSTRATION
  • MAXIMUM COMFORT: Even on the most active cats, the soft and breathable diaper fits comfortably without falling off or slipping down.
  • 12 HOUR LEAK PROOF PROTECTION: The ultra-absorbent core with FlashDry Technology instantly turns liquid into GEL for up to 12 hours of leak-proof protection.
  • ADJUSTABLE TAIL HOLE: Designed for the many shapes and sizes of cats’ tails, the tail hole can be adjusted both wider and taller for your kitty’s tail size.
  • USAGE OCCASIONS: Ideal for Marking or Spraying, Incontinence, Females in Heat, Recovery from Surgery, or Travel.
  • Size S: Fits cats with waists between 10” and 13.5” and weighing between 7 pounds 11 pounds.
Size Waist Size Weight Quantity
S 10" - 13.5" 7 - 11 lbs. 12 count
SS 10" - 15.5", 8" - 11.5” 3.5 - 7.5 lbs. 10 Count
M 12" - 15.5" 10 - 14 lbs. 12 count
L 14" - 19.5" 13.5 - 17.5lbs. 12 count
  • Product Description

    Looking for a solution to assist with your kitty’s potty needs? Hartz disposable cat diapers are specifically designed to fit a cat’s unique body shape comfortably. These cat diapers are easy to put on, with wide & adjustable tabs, soft & stretchable gathers, and an adjustable tail hole. These features provide a secure and leak-proof fit without any slipping and bunching and can accommodate tails of all sizes. The highly absorbent core has our unique FlashDry Technology, which instantly turns liquid into GEL, for up to 12 hours of leak-proof protection. The breathable and comfortable material is soft on your cat’s skin while wicking away moisture to keep your cat dry and happy!

    Hartz disposable cat diapers can be worn by both male and female cats and come in 2 fun designs. Cat diapers can be helpful to prevent marking or spraying, for cats who suffer from incontinence, females in heat, recovery from surgery or for use during travel.

    Cat wearing  a disposable cat diaper while playing with a cat toy.

  • Sizing Chart

    We recommend using the waist size of your cat to ensure the best fit. This chart is a guide. Size and fit may vary depending on your cat’s body type.

    WAIST 8 - 11.5" 10 - 13.5" 12 - 15.5" 14 - 19.5"
    WEIGHT 3.5 - 7.5lbs 7 - 11lbs 10 - 14lbs 13.5 - 17.5lbs
  • Directions for Use

    1. Spread the cat diaper and make sure the inside gathers are standing up.
    2. If the tail hole is too small for your cat’s tail, cut the slits and make the hole bigger as needed.
    3. Make sure the area with the red lines is on the cat’s back.
    4. Slip the cat’s tail through the hole, ensure the slit at the bottom of the tail hole is facing down.
    5. Pull each tab up from the belly to the back of the diaper. Use the red lines as a guide to place the tabs.
    6. Let your cat resume to their normal activities!

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