Three Reasons to Crate Your Pup

There are different ways to help your adopted pup adjust to her/his new home. Click here to learn how a dog crate can smooth the transition.

Cute pup in dog crate

A dog crate can smooth your adopted pup's transition into her/his new home.

Crating has become a popular form of dog training since it can work beautifully to help your canine become well-adjusted and respectful of his new digs. Here are just a few of the benefits of using this method.

  1. Easier house-training.
    Dogs have an instinctive need to keep their sleeping area clean, so having a safe area like a dog crate can be invaluable when your canine is learning to control his natural urges. According to, puppies usually need to go to the bathroom every to two hours. Eventually, your pooch will learn how to "hold it" and wait for you to bring him outside, but the crate will play an enormous role as you begin the training process.
  2. The ability to take advantage of time-outs.
    While you should never use your dog crate as a form of punishment, encouraging your four-legged friend to spend some time in one can be an effective way for him to calm down for a few minutes. If your pooch is being overly aggressive or playing in a way that you don't find appropriate, a few minutes in the crate might allow him to regain his composure. When you let him out again, he'll be more likely to start interacting with you on your own terms.
  3. You may spare your home from damage.
    When your dog is first learning the ins and outs of his new environment, he could be prone to chewing on household objects like electrical cords, plants and household cleaners, for example. By introducing a series of chew toys and other fun objects that will be located primarily in his crate, your pooch will be far more likely to spend time there rather than destroying items around your house.

Of course, it's important to remember that every dog is unique, and different methods work for each individual canine. Still, when you bring your furry buddy home for the first time, consider turning to a dog crate for a smooth, happy transition.

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