Tips for exercising your dog in chilly weather

As the weather gets cold, it can become harder to exercise your dog.

Some breeds, like the Husky and the St. Bernard, are practically made for the winter, but many smaller breeds can get cold easily and may be resistant to the idea of going outside when it's cold. This can be dangerous for your home, as pet brimming with pent-up energy is more likely to be destructive. Try these tips to get your pet the proper amount of exercise.

Make playing outside a game

Your dog may not like the cold, but he or she probably likes playing. To get your dog outside in chilly weather, try making your time outside as much fun as possible, noted the Dog Whisperer. Whether it's a game of tug-of-war or a high-energy fetching session, the more your pet moves, the warmer he or she will be, making your dog love wintertime play.

Try to find indoor activities

There are many ways to exercise a dog indoors as well as outside. While getting some fresh air occasionally is necessary for many dogs, it's sometimes possible to have your dog exercise inside. Try finding a dog-rearing class nearby. This will give your pet exposure to other dogs, which can help keep social needs in check. It can also be a bonding time for you and your pet, and even lead to a new hobby altogether!

Another option may sound odd but many pet parents swear by it. Dog yoga, or doga, is the practice of owners and dogs stretching and relaxing together. This can help dogs both expend energy and become calmer, as well as providing a chance to meet other dogs in the area - you can even meet some people, too! PetMD noted that this trend is taking the nation by storm, so don't be surprised if you see a doga studio open up near you this winter.

Make sure to take proper precautions

Many smaller dogs need sweaters in the winter. These adorable garments can keep your dog warm and inspire your pet to get outside. You may also want to consider giving your dog little shoes. While these look great, they aren't just for style - these boots can keep your pet's paws out of contact with salt, which can be harmful. Make sure to wash your dog's paws before coming inside.

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