• Exfoliating Flea and Regular Bath

      Exfoliating Flea and Regular Bath

      I have several kittens that I have raised. I have noticed that bathing them once a week has been a bit of a training proccess we both have learned and enjoyed from. One thing I have learned that makes the cat and me enjoy bathing time (either flea or regular) is after they are used to the water, and the bath expereince I introuduced the foucet sprayer. They have come to enjoy the pressure like combing sensation especially under the neck and tummy areas. I have noticed during flea baths, it helps to comb through the hairs and force them to the surface thus resulting in fleas down the drain! The cats really enjoy the light pressure of the sprayer, it is kind of like getting their favorite spot scratched- but cleaned at the same time. Just hold the cate by the nap of thier neck, take the srayer and spray it in and up and down or sidways motion about 6-8 icnhes from desired area (Be careful not to sray their eyes, nose or ear cavaties) as if it were your fingernails scratching their favorite spot! It is also a good way to get your cat aclimated to water. Once they enjoy it, they may be less prone to resistance. :) * * * * * * "Good Tip!" Dr. Melinda, DVM, PhD

      jan d.  Kernersville, NC

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