Benefits of adopting an older dog

Puppies are cute, but they can be a lot of work. They need training and often near-constant attention, which is perfect some families and individuals, but you may want to have a calmer, quieter experience with your pet. Adopting an older dog can be the answer.

Many Older Dogs Are Not "Problem" Dogs

There are benefits of adopting an older dog such as this brindle boxer.

Adopting an older dog could save its life and give you both happiness.

Oftentimes, people assume that if an older dog is in a shelter, he or she has behavioral issues or other problems. This if often not the case, as dogs lose their homes for a variety or reasons - the dog's owners may have moved or developed allergies, or they may have simply lost the ability or interest to care for their four-legged friend. When it comes to adopting an older dog, The Dog Whisperer noted that this could save its life and give both you and your new pet happiness.

Older Dogs Are Calm and Settle Easily

While puppies may take some time getting used to your home, an older dog can often be easier to train. Since more mature canines don't have all the energy of younger ones, they'll likely find it easier to focus on you and on settling into their new home, according to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

Older dogs likely have much more experience with humans than puppies, so they'll find it easier to get along with you right off the bat. Older dogs need less time and attention than a puppy, so you can enjoy some time with the kids or just by yourself more often than with a young puppy.

New Tricks for Older Dogs

Many older dogs had owners who taught them to fetch, walk and maybe even how to do a few tricks. This can save you a lot of time that you would have to spend training a puppy. While many people have the time and dedication to train a puppy on how to do everything from using the bathroom outdoors to being calm on walks, you may be busier with work and other responsibilities. An older dog can be the perfect companion for a busy person or someone who just wants to take it easy.

Older dogs can also learn all the same tricks that a puppy can. Their age and wisdom make them more likely to pay attention to you.