Calculate Your Dog's Age

Fact or Fiction: "Take your dog's age and multiply it by seven in order to find out its age in dog years."

Fiction! Canine aging is actually much more rapid in the first two years of its life. After that, the ratio changes to 5:1 in small and medium dogs, 6:1 in large dogs and 7:1 in giant dogs. This means that in 10 people years, an English Mastiff would be 80 years old and a poodle would only be 64.

This chart from The Dog Owner's Manual will help you calculate your dog's age:

The age at which your dog can be considered senior varies widely. In general, the larger the dog, the more quickly it declines. For instance, a Great Dane could be considered "senior" at age 5, while a smaller Pomeranian could still be spry at twice that age! Remember that a dog being chronologically old isn't necessarily a bad thing. In many cases, elderly dogs can enjoy many healthy, active and pain-free years.

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