DIY - Doggy Diapers

Hartz® Dog Pads have many other uses besides the obvious such as lining a crate when hitting the road or just as a doormat to dry those wet paws when coming inside.

As consumers continue to find innovative ways to use them for a variety of needs and pets one of these needs is doggy diapers.

How do you turn a dog pad into a diaper? We're glad you asked and to our delight, Hartz Facebook Fan, Annette Johnson, was kind enough to provide step-by-step instructions on how to create the perfect disposable doggy diaper that's both practical and economical. Annette's design comes from cutting out a diaper pattern into the dog pads and even utilizing extra pieces to help soak/pick up messes for those "Oops!" moments! The final output allows her puppy to run around the house without worry of accidents and creating unwanted aromas. Not only is this a fantastic way temporarily deal with things before potty training but also can be a lifesaver for those with elderly or disabled pets who have trouble making it to the designated "elimination station."