3 Unusual Cat Behaviors Explained

When was the last time you could honestly say that you had a grip on your cat's body language?

Understanding your feline on a deeper level can help you maintain animal wellness and keep your furry friend happy. However, not all cat behavior is easy to decipher. Here are some of the most unusual reactions you may see from your cat, as well as why they continue to happen.

Cat meowing. Unusual cat behavior may be normal to your cat.

When talking on the phone, your cat may think that you are talking to them.

1. Meowing While You're on the Phone

Many cat owners will tell you that they often see their pets begin yearning for attention as soon as they get on the phone, according to Global Animal.

This is because when you're talking on the phone, the animal doesn't understand that you're speaking to another person - he or she doesn't envision the individual in the room.

In turn, your cat may simply think that you're trying to speak to him or her!

2. Making Noise in the Wee Hours of the Morning

Cat roaming in a dark house. - Cats are known for meowing excessively in the early morning hours.

Cat body language can tell you a lot about your feline.

Cats are known for meowing excessively in the morning, and as Reader's Digest magazine reported, this harkens back to their natural instinct.

Cats wake up early with the urge to hunt. The urge may be enforced by other animals your cat can see out the window. However, early morning meows may also be due to hunger. It's important to stick to a meal schedule for your cat so he or she knows when food is to be expected.

This can reduce unnecessary meowing in the morning before you wake up.

3. Rolling Around on the Floor

Another common activity that's spotted in cats is rolling - felines seem to love rolling around on the ground and cooing in front of their owners. This is because they're yearning for affection!

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If you have any concerns about your cat's unusual cat behavior, don't hesitate to contact your veterinarian. He or she can give you more insight into why your pet is acting in a certain manner around the house.

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