How to be the best dog sitter possible for your loved ones

With the summer coming to a close, there's a good chance that your friends and family members will try and get one last vacation in before the temperatures start cooling off.

To be a dog sitter, famiiarize yourself with the pup, as this young Asian woman is doing on the floor giving a treat to a Shiba dog.

It could be beneficial to spend some time with a dog before sitting for him.

Whether you have experience with canines or not, this is a huge responsibility to take on. Of course, being a dog sitter is also a lot of fun, so as long as you enter the situation with an open mind and a responsible demeanor, you can get a lot of enjoyment out of caring for a furry friend for an extended period of time. Here are a few tips you should keep in mind.

Meet and Greet with the Dog Beforehand

There's a good chance if your loved ones are leaving for an extended period of time that the dog will suffer some form of separation anxiety. So making an effort to spend some time with the dog before sitting for him or her could be beneficial, reported Daily Puppy. This will ensure that the dog knows that you're caring for it rather than invading his or her territory, which can make the entire experience go more smoothly.

Come Bearing Treats

Some dogs may be startled when a person walks in the door who isn't their owner, so if you come bearing gifts each day, the dog will begin to warm up to you. Bringing along dog treats is a great way to build trust, and you can reward the canine for good behavior when you head out on walks or simply hang around the house.
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Get Copies of Relevant Health Information

In the unlikely instance that the dog you're caring for becomes ill or gets into an accident, make sure that your friends leave you with copies of all relevant health information like vaccination histories, insurance information, and phone numbers to reach a veterinarian.

Carry Keys at All Times

In addition to watching after the dog, you're also taking the time to look after your friend or family member's home, so suggests keeping these keys on you at all times, just in case the dog owners' doors lock automatically. Additionally, you should always double check that you've locked the house and any entryways you've used before leaving the abode.

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