5 Household Products All Dog Owners Need

Adding a new member to the family dog pack? Follow these 5 helpful tips to get started!

Jack Russell Terrier lying beside it's accident

Dog owners should be prepared for all manner of messes by keeping pet-friendly cleaners and wipes handy.

Getting a dog? You've probably got a lot on your plate, and a new dog checklist is about as long as your new pet's tail! But one thing's for sure: If you want to protect your home from the occasional trouble a canine companion can cause, you'll need an excellent team of supplies backing you up.

Alongside food, collar tags, and tennis balls, add these five household essentials to your list. They'll save you a lot of trouble in the long run.

  1. Cleanup spray and wipes
    Dogs create all manners of messes. Some of them are definitely grosser than others, but even when your pet tracks mud into the house, you'll want some high-quality spray that's perfectly pet-friendly to help you clean up the mess.
  2. Nail clippers
    Do you have beautiful wood floors? In order to keep them looking good, you'll need to do toenail maintenance on your pet. Dog nails scratch up hardwood like nobody's business, so make sure you get regular clipping sessions in. The earlier you start, the more habituated your dog will get to it – which is handy down the road. Taking your dog for long walks on concrete sidewalks also helps wear down the nails appropriately.
  3. Rawhide chews
    You've probably heard horror stories about the bored dog that chewed through someone's favorite record collection, shoe rack, or other beloved household item. Avoid this fate yourself by investing in plenty of rawhide chews. You can even make some veggie versions yourself by slicing a sweet potato into thin strips, brushing them with olive oil, and dehydrating them in the oven. They're so good, you may be tempted to try one yourself!
  4. Dog pads
    Puppies have accidents, and so do senior dogs. Dog pads can help avoid any damage to your floors and make cleanup a breeze. They're especially ideal for pets spending long days in a crate.
  5. Flea and tick prevention
    You don't want a parasite infestation in your home, so make sure your dog is equipped with flea and tick prevention. This can help you and your pet avoid all kinds of trouble, and it's easy to use, whether you choose drops, a yard spray, flea and tick collars, or a combination of all three.