• Perfect for small dogs, great for medium sized dogs
  • Fun bone shape & long lasting texture
  • Includes 12 lasting chew bones wrapped with 100% real chicken breast meat to boost the flavor factor
  • Contains no rawhide and is highly digestible
  • Check out all our varieties of Oinkies to twist up your pup's treat stash
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  • Product Description

    Oinkies are hand rolled from 100% real pig skin. And because they’re rawhide free, Oinkies are highly digestible and satisfy your furry friend’s innate instinct to chew. Lasting Chew Bones are fun, long lasting, irresistible treats – designed in the shape of a bone so your dog can grip the ends, and wrapped with mouthwatering 100% real chicken to provide delicious layers of entertainment! Oinkies Lasting Chew Bones are made to lock in that rich, savory flavor that your dog can only get from Oinkies.

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