Safety & Environmental Pledge

We're committed to developing safe and effective products and policies that respect our environment.

Our Pledge

We hold our products to the strictest efficacy and safety standards by the Federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Food and Drug Administration. If there is no animal standard in place, we hold our products to human standards. In fact, all Hartz flea and tick products are held to the same safety and efficacy testing standards as those purchased from veterinarians. Hartz was one of the first brands to comply with EPA standards when the agency was first established.

Hartz Scientists and Quality Assurance Managers are leading members of numerous councils, setting policy for stricter standards around pet products. For example, we are committed to our membership in the Animal Supplement Council, since vitamins and supplements are not currently being held to the same standards as human products. Hartz believes this must be corrected immediately and is working diligently to raise the standards in this category.

Looking to the future, we will continue to partner with the EPA on both a federal and state level to provide better products that are not only safe and effective for our pets, but are also friendly to our environment.