What are the expiration dates?

All Wardley products are formulated with a two year shelf life when stored in a cool dry place.

Where can I find product?

Wardley products are sold across the country in fine retailers that carry pet supplies including Wal-Mart, PetCo, K-Mart and most major grocery store chains.

How often should I feed my fish?

Fish should be fed 2-3 times a day in quantities small enough for them to consume in a few minutes. Do not overfeed fish, as this may affect water quality and the health of fish.

Explain conversions and dosing for water treatments.

Wardley water treatment products generally include two sets of instructions; the instructions to use when setting up a new tank and the maintenance instructions. You should refer to the instructions that are appropriate for your needs. Also keep in mind that some water conditions may be resistant to treatment and require more than one dose. Test your water frequently to ensure that you are not making drastic changes to the tank environment which would be detrimental to your fish.

Can weekend feeders be broken in half and used accordingly?

Weekend feeders are designed to be used whole. One shell will feed about 12 average sized fish for three days. Vacation feeders will feed roughly the same number of fish for up to 10 days. You should remove any portion of the feeder that has not been eaten before resuming your normal feeding routine.

Can water treatments be used in marine tank?

Wardley water treatments are formulated for freshwater tanks.

What are the ingredients?

The ingredients for all of our food products are prominently displayed on the back of each package immediately after the guaranteed analysis. Wardley takes pride in using high-quality marine protein, plant protein and other ingredients and Wardley does not use artificial colors.

What kinds of fish get along?

When adding new fish to your aquarium, go slowly and be sure that the fish you choose are compatible to each other and can handle the same general water conditions. If you need specific recommendations, visit the Wardley® Fish Finder™ at www.hartz.com

How can a fish food help maintain clean water?

Too much protein in a fish food can result in increase fish waste which will in turn lead to reduced water quality. The protein to fat ratio in Wardley supports normal growth and helps to maintain clean water.