Finding the right toy for your dog's personality

Every dog has a different personality and finding the right toy to suit their type of play can be hard.

Throughout the next couple of weeks we will be covering the different dog play behavior from the low-key player to the high-maintenance play and the toy that is right for each one, so that you and your pup can play away!

This week our focus is on the high-maintenance player. These dogs need more than one hour of play and need to be stimulated in order to burn off all of their energy. They seem like the energizer bunny and can just keep going and going. Breed that can fall under this category are terriers, labs, and huskies.

Due to the fact that these dogs are active it is important to give them toys that stimulate and encourage independent play for when you are not around. At the same time, high-maintenance players can tend to be more aggressive and need toys that can stand up to the level of play your dog expects.
Hartz® Tuff Stuff® Nose Divers™ Large

The best toys for high-maintenance players are rope toys that can serve for a game of fetch or tugger. The Hartz Tuff Stuff line of toys is perfect for high-maintenance players. The toys are all made with a heavy-duty ballistic nylon shell and ultra-durable, tightly twisted ropes, so that they are basically indestructible.

Rawhide chews are also great for high-maintenance players for when you are away or too busy to play with them. The chews last for hours and will keep the interest of your dog so they won't feel the need to be destructive while you are away.

High-maintenance players are great, active dogs to have, but it can be hard to find the right kind of toy that can stand up to their level of play. By following the suggestions above, you and your pup can enjoy hours of play together!