Helping your Feline Transition to a New Urban Apartment

As a cat owner, relocating can be a tough balancing act from a pet wellness standpoint, as the process of moving can be stressful on your furry friend.

Thankfully, there are a few preparations you can make beforehand to make the experience far less mentally taxing and help your feline transition to his new abode. Keep these tips in mind as you get started with the moving process.

  1. Find a pet friendly motel. Don't leave your cat in your vehicle if staying at a motel. Find pet friendly motels in a booklet that can be purchased from your newsagent or do a search on the Internet. Official Pet Friendly Hotels can help assist you in the search for the perfect place. If you have a very nervous cat and your move entails a long car journey you may wish to discuss with your vet whether or not it would be advisable to give your cat a tranquilizer before the journey.
  2. Leave boxes scattered around. Having furniture and other items around your home slowly disappear can cause unneeded stress for your cat, so consider placing a few empty boxes around your living room to make the area more accessible for your cat. This will give your cat a chance to explore and play with the boxes, so he will be none the wiser as you continue to move your belongings out of your home.
  3. Stay consistent. While your to-do list is going to become much larger with packing, calling a moving company and other tasks, you should do your best to stay on your same schedule. Feed your feline at the same time, enjoy your regular playtime and stick to the same sleep schedule. Stay on this regimen during the moving process and as you move into your new home. This will help make the transition much easier on your feline and he won't skip a beat when he's getting adjusted to your new place.
  4. Create a cat sanctuary. When it's finally time to move into your new apartment, be sure to set aside a quiet area that will be your cat's primary home over the next week or so. Put his toys, pet beds and other warm reminders of home in the space to allow him to feel more comfortable with his new surroundings. You should also avoid having visitors over to the house too soon - your feline will be getting used to new noises and scents, so it may be wise to introduce your feline to new friends after he is completely settled in.

When you are unable to be with your cat a radio with soft music such as classical music can help them to relax but any talk show will help your cat feel like somebody is home. Most cats cope extremely well on their own, which is what makes them an ideal pet for somebody who works long hours.

Cats can be fickle creatures, especially when moving to a new place, but if you give them enough activities and make a few advanced preparations during the moving process, your furry companion will hit the ground running in your new place.