How to speak Dog

If you own a dog, chances are there has been a time or two when you felt as though your pet was speaking to you. Dogs are highly expressive animals, and can often convey their sentiments through body language and facial expressions, just like humans.

In fact, various studies have shown that it is fairly easy to recognize and interpret how a dog is feeling simply by observing its behavior intently. A recent report released by the Alternative Press emphasized the importance of owners correctly understanding their pet's language, so that both parties get the most out of their relationship.

How to speak dog

Veterinarian Gary Weitzman, who has studied dog behavior and communication for over 15 years, stressed the benign nature of most dogs to AP reporters. He claimed that dogs rarely seek vengeance on their owners and generally want to please their human companions. It can undoubtedly be difficult to remain calm after your dog has done something wrong, but it is key to be patient with it, as it probably did not mean to cause harm. Although dogs aim to please their owners, not all of them act identically. Dogs have varying personalities, depending on their life experiences. Pets that have had a rougher life may be shier and more reserved than others, but that does not mean that they do not care about keeping their owners happy. Like jaded people, jaded dogs just need a little extra TLC.

Weitzman hopes to get pet owners to notice these differences in personality and behavior through his research and publications. He stresses that ensuring that dogs are at ease in their environment is up to humans. Actual and aspiring pet owners should be prepared to watch and respond to their dog in a manner that comforts it.

Enjoying your pet's company

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