Improving Your Indoor Cat’s Quality of Life

Now that it's the middle of summer, your feline may be spending his or her fair share staring longingly outdoors. Because it isn't the best idea to let your cat roam outside, your pet will be kept indoors for much of the summer, which may start to get a bit boring after a while.

If you're worried about your cats health and think that your feline could use a bit more stimulation when lounging around the house, there is a wealth of improvements you can consider that will make a lasting difference for your furry friend. Here are a few to keep in mind for the rest of the summer.

Cat furniture: Cats love to be in high places where they can get a bird's eye view of their domain, so building upward with a cat tree could be a great idea. These products are made with small cubbies and platforms where your cat can relax, and they can be padded with carpet or rope-like material that will be very pleasing to scratch. This will spare your furniture from your kitty's claws and give your pet a cozy spot to call his or her own.

Bedding: While it's true that cats can sleep just about anywhere, investing in a quality sleeping pad or pillow could become your feline's favorite spot. When looking for one of these furnishings, consider one that is small enough to fit on top of your cat tree or can be placed underneath an end table or chair. This will ensure that your feline's sleeping area is in a low-traffic spot where he or she won't be disturbed during naptime.

Window viewing areas: If your feline loves to stay posted by the window to view birds and other wildlife outdoors, consider mounting a shelf or small boxes near the window. These additions will give your cat a cozy spot to look outside and get a little bit of sun during certain points of the day. This is a quick and easy improvement that is sure to keep your cat happy throughout the year.

Being an indoor cat is what's best for your feline's well-being, but you'll have to go the extra mile to ensure that your environment is stimulating enough for your companion.

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