Indoor Bathroom Solutions for Pets During Winter

Does your cat or dog refuse to “go” outdoors in the cold or snow? Frightful weather usually calls for getting cozy in the warmth of your home.

Cat Dog Indoor bathroom solutions - Cat and dog looking out window

Some cats and dogs will outright refuse to go outside during bad weather.

When pets need to use the restroom during these cold and chilly months, low temperatures can spell dangerous repercussions (like hypothermia or frostbite) for those left exposed to the elements for too long. Some cats and dogs will outright refuse to venture outside during inclement conditions, and understandably so!

Elimination problems during the winter are common, especially for pets that have never experienced snow, those with thin coats, and small dogs which notoriously struggle with cold.

If your pet is reluctant to go potty outside when the mercury drops, luckily there are ways to avoid accidents.

Instinctual elimination

At a very young age, cats and dogs learn what surfaces are appropriate for bathroom use. Kittens and puppies experience different surfaces such as grass, leaves, concrete, indoor training pads or litters. Once they’ve become acquainted to the substrates they encounter most often, they are likely to prefer them when eliminating.

When pets encounter frost, ice and snow for the first time, or even seasonally, they don’t immediately recognize that it is an acceptable medium to eliminate upon.

Winter Blues

Cat Dog Indoor bathroom solutions - Dog and cat looking to each other in the snow

Cats and dogs unfamiliar with snow may be unable to relax enough to go to the bathroom outside.

Another, more obvious issue for pets and trouble going to the bathroom outside in the winter is the cold – cold air and cold precipitation. For cats and dogs unfamiliar with snow and those whose legs and bellies come in contact with it due to short stature, they become resistant to head outdoors and are unable to relax enough to go to the bathroom once they are outside.

Does this sound like your furry friend?

If so, she might be more comfortable staying indoors. Try our clever solutions so your companion can still go potty regardless of bad weather.

Indoor Options

Instead of putting your pet in a potentially hazardous situation outdoors, make sure she has an indoor bathroom option that is suitable for both number one and two. For dogs, absorbent and disposable training pads are a great option. They come in an array of sizes for larger and smaller dogs or use in a multi-dog household. Opt for a brand, such as Hartz Home Protection, which utilizes harmonizing technology to neutralize odors, not mask them. Only Hartz dog pads are made with Flash-Dry® technology that instantly turns urine to gel, preventing wet paws, tracking and runoffs.

For cats, having an appropriate number of litter boxes (the simple rule is one box per cat, plus one extra. So if you have two cats, you should have three boxes) filled with a premium clumping litter provides a safe and practical place for cats to eliminate without ever having to place a paw outside.

Hartz® Home Protection™ Odor Eliminating Dog Pads 50 Count- Lavender Scent

Hartz® Disposable Cat Diapers with FlashDry® Gel Technology, Size S, 7-11lbs

Even if the notion of snow and freezing cold weather seems far in the future, preparing your pet to use these indoor bathroom options is a smart idea. The last thing you want is your cat or dog giving a puzzled look after you carefully place a training pad or litter box on the floor. No matter the season, make sure your pet is well-versed in how to proceed with her winter potty backup plans.