June is Adopt a Cat Month

The American Humane Association estimates that four million cats and kittens end up in the shelters every year.

Shelters become overwhelmed with new litters of kittens each spring and summer. To highlight this overcrowding issue, the American Humane Association has promoted Adopt a Cat Month® since 1975. Shelters across the country participate in the cause including the ASPCA, with their Adopt A Shelter Cat Month Event.

Interested in Adopting a cat or kitten?

Visit your local shelter or search for your new family member without leaving the house by going to www.petfinder.com

Consider your lifestyle before selecting your cat or kitten.

Can you afford to have a cat or kitten?
Your new family member may need to be spayed or neutered and will likely require several vaccinations upon adoption. You will also need to buy food and litter monthly. To keep your cat or kitten healthy, annual veterinary exams are strongly advised.

Do you work long hours?
Adult cats are often more than happy to nap the day away alone while you're at work. Kittens, however, require your attention to raise and keep them out of trouble.

Think that adorable fuzzball is the one for you?
Cats & kittens with long hair will require regular grooming to prevent mats.

Are there young children living in your household?
Children younger than 5 years of age may not realize how fragile kittens are. Young children should always be closely supervised when interacting with pets. Cats that are at least one year old may be a better fit for homes with young children. Always ask about the temperament of a cat and let the shelter know if you have children in your household.

To learn more about adopting a cat or kitten or bringing your new family member home, click here.

Already have a cat or kitten? You can still help.

  • Volunteer at your local shelter
  • Offer to foster kittens
  • Donate to your local shelter
  • Purchase Animal Rescue: Adopt  A Shelter Pet stamps at your local post office