Keeping Doggie Doo at Bay (and out of it!)

DoodyCalls, a Virginia-based pet waste pick-up service, has recently focused on spreading awareness about the growing public health problem of unattended dog waste. The company put together this incredible statistic over the course of a few years. The New York Daily News reports that droppings from just 100 canines are enough to generate enough bacteria and parasites to close bodies of water within a 20-mile radius.

“If you think picking up what your dog leaves behind is disgusting, try drinking it,” Jacob D’Aniello, co-founder and CEO of DoodyCalls told the news source. “The longer dog waste stays on the ground, the more it washes into the water and the environment.

The best course of action for these dog owners is to invest in biodegradable bags (ours are also scented!) that can be used at dog parks or on regular walks. This will allow pet parents to remove the waste from the environment where it could be a threat to water quality, and dispose of it properly without adding another plastic bag to the waste stream.

According to Marc.org, another way to do your part at home is to remove dog waste from your property and bury it somewhere in your yard. It should be kept at least a foot down, buried in several different locations and away from gardens and bodies of water to allow it to break down naturally.

Dog droppings are certainly one of the less desirable aspects of canine ownership, but it is important that pet parents do their part to limit their impact on the environment and ensure that public spaces are accessible to everyone.