Spring Home Upgrades that Can Improve Cat Wellness

With the world turning green all around and the warmer temperatures starting to creep back into the forecast, it's beginning to feel more like spring every day.

While you may be embracing the changes, for some cat owners, this is a time of year when their companions can be a bit stir crazy. Between the onset of spring shedding, an environment teeming with wildlife all around your home and a bevy of new scents all around, your cat will need additional stimulation during the spring to improve his or her quality of life. Luckily, there are a variety of small changes you can make in your home to channel some of that pent-up energy into new activities.

Invest in cat grass. Because many homeowners will purchase plants and bring in a series of spring flowers to decorate their homes during the season, your cat may be inclined to chomp down on a few of them. According to Catster.com, many of these plants can be potentially toxic to your companion, so channel his or her energy into cat grass instead. This plant can be grown year-round and is actually a form of wheat grass. Cats love the taste and are happy to eat small amounts of it. Best of all, some studies have shown that cat grass can improve digestion and help your cat achieve a well-rounded diet. See our previous blog post on how to make your garden a cat oasis with cat-friendly plants.

Cat furniture. If you've noticed that your cat is always by the window watching the flora and fauna, he or she may benefit from a higher vantage point. Choosing furniture for your pet like cat trees is a great investment to provide physical and mental stimulation for felines, and you can use them to play a variety of interactive games to help your cat shed a few of those winter pounds. Be sure to place the tree near a window so your cat has a clear line of sight to check out everything that's going on outside.

Create a cat enclosure. If you're searching for an engaging spring project that will pay dividends for your cat's overall happiness, consider looking into building a cat enclosure. This can be constructed quite easily on a balcony by using chicken wire or other products to cordon off the area and then appointing the rest of the space with litter boxes, scratching posts and other forms of cat furniture. However, a cat enclosure is only limited by your imagination and budget, so if you have a larger backyard to work with, you can add tunnels, platforms and other intriguing features your cat can use year-round.

This content is provided by the pet wellness experts at Hartz. We know that adopting a dog or cat is a huge commitment, so we're here to help you feel confident and become the best pet parent you can be.