Fleas thrive in the rain

Heavy rains and big storms are common in the summer months, and this wet weather can actually help fleas to thrive.

While some may think that rain can wash away or drown fleas hiding in the grass, the opposite is actually true, making flea control all the more important to protect your pooch.

Fleas are far more common in spring and summer months because they do best in warm, humid environments. Too hot or too dry, and these pesky parasites are less likely to survive, but rain creates the perfect breeding ground for the insects that so often plague dogs, cats and people.

"When we have a dry year, we don't nearly have a big of problem with them," Dr. Thomas Vice, a San Antonio veterinarian, told ABC news network affiliate KSAT-12 about the risk of fleas for dogs.

To protect your pet from fleas, you can use Hartz flea drops or flea spray that can repel fleas for up to seven days, so you'll need to apply it often for full protection. It's also good to treat your yard and home, especially after getting a lot of rain, to reduce the chances of your dog encountering and of these insects in the first place.

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