Picking the Right Brush for Your Cat

With so many different types of cats come so many different types of hair. Knowing which brush to use is important to your cat’s health.

While grooming can be a potentially unpleasant experience for both you and your cat, knowing which brush to use can help ease the process. Unless you plan to show your cat at a competition, you only need to worry about the same basic tools you use on your own hair: a brush or metal comb. Here is a simple guide to determining which brush works for your cat.

  • Short-haired cats. Use a soft slicker brush once a week. Make sure it has fine wire bristles so it doesn’t scratch your cat. Be sure to brush your cat starting at her head and never brush against the growth of the fur.
  • Medium to long-haired cats. For cats with a thicker or longer coat, use a comb with both coarse and fine teeth. Comb all over every few days, using the coarse teeth first then finish with the fine side. Persians will need a comb-through daily.

Brushing your cat regularly is important, especially if she has thick fur. Leaving your cat’s coat untended for a week or so can result in unpleasant mats. A matted coat can only be fixed by a professional groomer and can be expensive. Never cut a mat out of your cat’s coat. Tending to your cat’s coat regularly keeps you cat healthy and away from the groomer.