Training Pad Flash Dry® technology

Hartz Develops a Training Pad That Stop Leaks and Prevent Dogs from Tracking Messes Throughout the House

Anyone who has ever housebroken a puppy knows how messy it can be, but who can be there around the clock to take the puppy out? Hartz can with their Flash-Dry® Technology for complete home protection.

Some training pads absorb quickly, but the liquid doesn’t always stay inside the pad so the puppy walks across it and then takes a tour of your house leaving wet paw prints behind. Other pads can be slow to absorb so the puppy does the same thing.

Hartz understands how difficult it can be to housebreak a dog and that no one likes to come home to pet messes, so we set out to design the ultimate home protection pad. That’s why Hartz worked with an expert in absorbent technologies and designed our pads to disperse the liquid evenly, dry quickly and lock in the wetness.

Hartz® Home Protection Training Pads feature our Flash Dry® technology core which quickly absorbs liquid to prevent tracking, leaking and run-offs. Our unique 6-layer construction provides the optimal amount of protection making this the ideal training pad!