Dentist’s Best Dura Play

Hartz® Dura Play® Boomerang Dog Toy

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  • Enjoy a game of fetch with our Hartz Dura Play Boomerang made of natural latex on the outside, with special foam filling on the inside.
  • Soft and flexible to the touch for dogs of all ages, even senior dogs and teething puppies.
  • Light to toss around indoors and outdoors.
  • The ridges on all three ends massage gums while chewing.
  • The bacon scent and squeaker are sure to get your pup excited for playtime.
  • Available in one size for small to large dogs.
green, orange, pink
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Product Description

Dura Play carries an assortment of shapes and sizes to satisfy all pooches. True to the name, these durable toys come in fun shapes and are made of natural latex on the outside, with special foam filling on the inside, making them light to toss around indoors and outside. They even float in water!

Hartz Dura Play Boomerang dog toy. One of many Hartz toys for dogs.

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