• Colorful, crazy tumbler creates erratic, unpredictable movements that will endlessly entertain dogs of all ages
  • Dispensing pocket holds your pal’s favorite treats and kibble, providing stimulation in a rewarding and mind-building manner
  • Cleverly combines plush with durable canvas texture and jingling sounds to engage the senses and pique interest to keep playtime rolling
  • Product Description

    Bounce, jingle, roll and reward. The Hartz Treat Bouncer is a toy like no other. Made from soft, durable nylon, this plush ball showcases a crazy shape that causes it to toss and turn unpredictably for a new twist on the classic game of fetch. A plastic tube stretches from end to end and can be filled with Fido’s favorite treats or kibble, which dispenses during some good old fashioned ruff-housing.

    To keep playtime rolling, the Treat Bouncer rattles for audible entertainment that’s sure to delight playful pups of all ages. Remember to supervise your pup with any toy.

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