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Hartz® Tuff Stuff® Retriever™

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  • Made for pups who are tough on their toys, Tuff Stuff is built for energetic fetching, chewing and tugging
  • Constructed from ballistic nylon and tightly twisted rope for enhanced durability
  • Soft, yet strong for both indoor and outdoor play sessions
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Product Description

The Hartz Tuff Stuff Retriever is perfect for an energetic game of tug-o-war or fetch with your best furry pal. Constructed from durable ballistic-grade nylon, this vibrant toy withstands rigorous chewing and ruff-housing to entertain playful pups who are tough on their toys. This lightweight plush is easy to toss and carry, plus features a tightly wound rope handle for even more interactivity. A gnawesome addition to any toy box, Tuff Stuff is ready to play indoors or outside!

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