Staying Active with your Dog This Spring

There's never a bad season to get out and play games with your dog, but if there's ever a time when you and your pet probably need it the most, it's spring.

Following a winter cooped up indoors with the rare opportunity to head outside and get active in the snow, nothing's quite as necessary or restorative as a little springtime fun. So, in honor of the rising mercury and colorful foliage, consider a few of these activities!

Go for a jog together - Exercising with your dog can be a wonderfully rewarding experience, as long as you keep a close eye on your pet's health and well-being along the way. Although your dog might seem like he or she can spring into sprinting action at a moment's notice, our pets are just like us insofar as they have to train to become stronger, better runners. Start getting your dog used to jogging with very short runs, less than a mile, and going at a pace not far above walking. Be sure to provide plenty of water to keep both of you hydrated, and as the seasons move toward summer, don't push too hard on hot days!

Hike a trail - With nature in bloom, going on a short hike through the wilderness could be great fun for you and your dog. However, the same rules apply here as with running. Hiking can be exhausting and stressful for some pets, especially when they're not used to exercise. Also, be sure that you check local trail regulations about dogs, and always keep your pet on a leash unless otherwise specified.

Try out something more ambitious - Think your pet is up for organized sports? Some dogs have hidden talents, certainly, like the basketball-playing dog, Petey, who's the star of a YouTube video. There are plenty of tricks beyond "Sit" and "Stay" out there for dogs to learn, and if you think your pet is up to learning how to dribble a soccer ball or shoot hoops, why not give it a try - as long as your dog doesn't mind, of course.

Enjoy a few rounds of catch - Sometimes you've got to start small. There's no harm in enjoying a few rounds of catch instead of playing HORSE or completing a 5K. Go outside and have fun with your dog!

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