Training Tip Tuesday: Keeping Your Cat Away from the Furniture

Cats are fun to have whether they live indoors or out. But just like every other pet, they can get into trouble.

This training tip will focus on how to keep your cat from scratching and ruining your favorite furniture.

Cats scratch because it helps them condition their claws, get exercise, mark their territory, and it is part of their natural behavior. Because it is a natural instinct, raising your voice and scolding are not an effective way to stop this behavior.

There are some basic steps you can take to prevent scratching. Trim your kitty's nails regularly, and provide her with a scratching post or cardboard cat scratcher. Whenever you see her scratching the post or scratcher, praise and reward her for the action. Another simple suggestion is to apply double-sided tape or a cat repellent spray to your upholstered furniture to make it unappealing to your favorite feline.

Cats can be easygoing companions, but it can be frustrating when they damage your favorite objects. Hopefully, by following our simple suggestions you can save both you and your cat some exasperation!