What to do if your dog won’t eat

If your dog won't eat, it could be a sign of a number of issues, from anxiety to sickness.

Knowing exactly what's wrong with your dog can help you find a solution or give your vet the information that he or she needs to help your dog feel better. Here are a few reasons why your dog might not be eating and what you might be able to do about it.

Simple solutions

One possibility is that your dog simply isn't interested in the food that you're providing. While it may be surprising, dogs can be picky eaters, noted Medicine Net. Try offering your dog new types of food, like wet instead of dry, or something that contains more animal protein than usual meals.

Was it a sudden or gradual change?

Knowing when your dog stopped eating can be a huge help in determining what the problem is. If your dog suddenly stops eating, there could be several reasons why. PetMD noted that recent vaccinations could often cause pets to lose their appetites, so you may want to wait before taking your pet back to the vet if this is the case. The same is true for unusual surroundings for your pet. Some dogs can become anxious when in new places or surrounded by unfamiliar people, so if there's something out of the ordinary going on, don't be alarmed if your dog isn't eating like usual. Another thing to consider is if your pet likes to steal non-food items. Sometimes dogs will eat things that may be lodged in their digestive tract. While dogs can often pass these items without help, you'll want to get professional advice and assistance if the problem persists.

Are there any other symptoms?

Appetite loss can often be one symptom of an illness. If your dog is showing other unusual behaviors, it's time to take your dog to the vet. If your dog is not only eating less but also vomiting or having other digestive issues, this is likely an indicator that your pet is sick. Generally speaking, if your dog does not eat for more than one full day, it's likely time to go to the vet. Once you've tried changing your pet's diet and feeding situation to no avail, you may have to think about getting your dog treated.

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