How to demonstrate leadership to your dog

When you move through different parts of the house or outside for a walk, either you or your dog will be leading the way.

It is important to remember that leaders move first and determine the direction in which to take.

When going outside for a walk, your dog may be inclined to bolt outside as soon as the door is open. Instead, practice the following when you initiate the walk:

Lead Dog Training - Woman puts leash on dog
1 Begin by leashing your dog and approaching the door, keeping it closed.

Lead Dog Training - Woman uses hand signal to tell dog to stay
2 Call your dog into a sit-stay or standing still at the very least.

Lead Dog Training - Dog on leash moves eagerly towards open door
3 Slowly open the door. If at any time, your dog moves toward it, pull back on the leash and close the door.

Lead Dog Training - Woman holding leash stands next to dog
4 Once you have your dog in a waiting position, open the door and lead your dog out for his walk.

As the leader, your dog will begin to look to you for instruction when approaching doorways.