Why are fleas attracted to my dog?

While your poor puppy is being attacked by vicious fleas and sympathy levels for your feeble friend are through the roof, you might be wondering why it was your dog that those irritating pests picked.

Whether it's your first time dealing with the infestation or you and your dog are long-time troopers, it's evident that fleas are aggravating insects whose only desire seems to be to cause your precious pup harm. But why is it that their directed target is your furry friend? According to Flea Science, once fleas hatch from their cocoons they're immediately attracted to light, warmth and carbon dioxide for sources of food. Within their first week of life, fleas ransack their surroundings in search of a blood meal in order to prevent starvation and death. Therefore, even if your companion is freshly groomed, his heavy panting and warm body may be nothing but a neon "Eat Here" sign for the bloodthirsty bugs.

Though fleas are relentless in their hunt for a meal, they can still be stopped in their tracks by using products such as Hartz® UltraGuard Plus® Flea & Tick Collar for Dogs to protect your pooch from the terrors of these irritants for up to seven months.