Hartz Experts’ Tips for Pet-Proofing Your Home’s Hardwood Floors

When it comes to our homes' beautiful hardwood floors, most of us are willing to let them take a lot of wear and tear for the sake of our pets.

Pet Proof Flooring - Beagle puppy playing at home on a hardwood floor

Hardwood floors take a lot of damage, but there are ways to having fewer scuffs and scratches

Pet adoption shouldn't hinge on your floorboards' health. But over time, hardwood floors that share the house with a pet do take a lot of damage - from scratching to scuffing, this can leave even the most durable boards looking generations older.

All pets can damage hardwood floors, but dogs are the number one offenders. Yet great-looking floors and a family pet aren't mutually exclusive. If you're looking for a way to have the best of both worlds, just consider these floor- and dog-friendly tips.

  1. Clip your pet's nails.A pet pedicure is a quick way to keep your floors and your dog healthy. Dog grooming is essential for any home's upkeep, both by improving air quality (less dander means fewer allergens), reducing dust bunnies, and keeping nails from scratching up hardwood. Clip your dog's nails on your own or bring him or her to a professional groomer for assistance.
  2. Lay down plenty of rugs.This is a great idea for any room in the house, even those tile floors that are far more impervious to your dog's nails but can still lead to a lot of slipping and sliding. Area rugs are attractive, can give your pet more traction and also provide a fantastic place to curl up. It won't replace a dog bed, but it's not a bad spot for a snooze!

    Pet Proof Flooring - Adorable Golden Retriever dog in living room

    Area rugs can give your pet more traction and provide a fantastic place to curl up.

  3. Wax your floors.Want to improve your floors' look while giving your dog more traction? Coating your floors with a few quick layers of quality wax (check manufacturer's directions for guidance) can give slippery paws more purchase and lead to fewer scuffs and scratches.
  4. Get creative.If you really want to minimize damage to your flooring, Hardwood Floors, the magazine of the National Wood Flooring Association, suggests investing in a set of dog booties for your pet. This magazine knows its dog facts just as well as its flooring, and reminds readers that mesh is essential for dog booties, as canines sweat through their feet.

This content is provided by the pet grooming experts at Hartz. Our professional staff is here to keep you educated on the proper grooming techniques while offering tips to keep your pet happy and healthy.

How do you help protect your floors with pets in the house?