Hartz Loving Paws Donations at Work

In the month of January 2023 Hartz Loving Paws donated $96,000 in fair market value of Delectables Cat Treats to the Hamilton/Burlington SPCA (HBSPCA), Ontario, Canada

We fed this donation to the shelter animals, offered it to our registered colony caregivers and supported local cat rescues. It has helped SO many cats and their caregivers who struggle financially to purchase pet food. We estimate that the donation helped 1,500 animals in Hamilton, Burlington, Haldimand-Norfolk, Brantford and beyond.

We couldn’t believe how quickly and how far word spread of our ability to help feed cats with this amazing donation. It really helped to get the HBSPCA’s name out into the community. Here at the HBSPCA we often refer to the Delectables pouches as "cat soup". Cats placed in foster care awaiting their forever homes have been enjoying the delicious pouches and give them two thumbs up!

Charlie the cat enjoying Delectables Likable cat treat.
Charlie is a senior fellow recovering from dental surgery. The Delectables were a great fit to his recovering.

Charlie came into care after his owner passed away. He is a senior fellow recovering from dental surgery. Our shelter veterinarian recommended only soft food and treats during his recover. The Delectables were a great fit to his recovering. We’re hoping Charlie is adopted soon and will send him with a travel pack.

This was such a fabulous donation. We were able to reach so many members of our community. Staff and volunteers made several trips to pet food pantries to stock their shelves. The community has been so grateful to receive this amazing donation.

We love the work we do to help our community and the animals were serve every day at the HBSPCA. Donations like yours make our work possible. THANK YOU!

Karen Reichheld, Director Animal Care, HBSPCA