Hartz Product Safety

The safety of Hartz flea and tick products is a top priority for Hartz, and our commitment to pet protection is supported by a wealth of facts and information, including the proven low toxicity of Hartz UltraGuard® products in the US

The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is the government agency responsible for registering, monitoring and reviewing the use of pesticides on pets in the U.S. The EPA rates all flea and tick products according to the same criteria before they are allowed to enter the US marketplace, regardless of whether they will be sold by Veterinarians or at Retail Stores. Both the active ingredients and product formulations in Hartz UltraGuard® topical flea and tick treatments have been rated among the safest, least toxic available to pet owners today.

The low toxicity of Hartz UltraGuard® flea & tick topical products is confirmed by the low level of reported product reactions when actually used by consumers to treat their pets. Publicly available EPA data regarding reported adverse events collected for the period July, 2006 through June, 2008 details that Hartz UltraGuard® for dogs and cats – the leading brand available at retail stores - accounted for less than 5% of ALL alleged product reactions reported to the EPA during that period attributed to flea & tick topical treatments sold by both veterinarians and retailers.

If you would like more general information on our flea and tick products and active ingredients visit please visit the Hartz UltraGuard brand page or feel free to use the contact us page on this web site.