Seasonal Flea and Tick Protection

As the summer comes to a close, it’s a mistake to think that it is safe to stop your flea and tick regime.

Flea and tick protection - Cat and dog in the leaves in autumn.

Ongoing flea & tick control for dogs is crucial to keep them healthy and pest free.

As the temperature tapers off, it is extremely important to continue treating your dog and his surrounding environment for fleas and ticks to prevent potential infestations. Providing ongoing flea & tick control for dogs is crucial to keep them healthy and pest free.

Fleas & Protection

Fall weather, in most climates, will not produce temperatures frigid enough to eliminate fleas.

Fleas are slowed down only if the humidity drops to extremely low levels and remains there for days. Cold weather alone will kill eggs, larvae, and adults only if the temperature remains below 30 degrees Fahrenheit for an extended period.

Therefore, if you live in the southern portion of the U.S. you ultimately remain at risk for flea infestations year round, while northern climates are susceptible through fall months, and even winter months if a moderate climate persists. Using a product such as Hartz® UltraGuard Pro® Flea & Tick Drops for Dogs will ensure your pet is protected from fleas through the fall months.

It is important to understand that household warmth can keep undetectable flea larvae and pupae alive for months, allowing them to emerge into an adult state in the coldest of climates when conditions are perceived as ripe for survival (i.e., the organism detects vibrations indicating that a host is nearby). Maintaining a system of year-long protection is the best means of preventing pet or home flea infestation. If your home does become infested, you can use products designed to treat and prevent further infestation, such as Hartz® UltraGuard Plus® Flea & Tick Home Spray and Hartz® UltraGuard Plus® Flea & Tick Carpet Powder.

Flea and tick protection - two dogs and a black cat.

Like fleas, ticks require a host and perch on pieces of vegetation until a host brushes against it to attach itself.

Ticks & Protection

Like fleas, ticks are parasites that require a host to sustain life. Ticks identify a host by perching on pieces of vegetation such as a blade of grass or flower until a host brushes against the occupied vegetation, allowing the tick to attach itself. Because foliage continues through the fall season, the start of fall does not eliminate the tick’s primary means of host “scouting.” Additionally, while tick populations may decrease due to climate conditions in fall months, fall weather in no way eradicates ticks entirely. For these reasons ticks will therefore continue to pose a threat, and it is therefore imperative that you take precautions to protect both you and your dog.

Autumn is one of the ideal seasons to enjoy time outdoors with your dog, and by using flea & tick protection you can have fun in the fall without the worry of pests.

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