Prevent your pup from getting fleas at the dog park

Dog parks are wonderful places, especially for pups who live in small homes, or who don't get to socialize with other animals very often.

They’re also great for pet owners who want to meet new dog-loving friends.

Unfortunately, these common spaces are also areas where animals can pick up unwanted parasites.

“Dog parks are a breeding ground for fleas and ticks, especially in the high flea and tick season from April to October,” veterinarian Liz Hanson told Mother Nature Network.

You don’t want to deprive your pooch of the chance to see his friends, and you certainly don’t want to close yourself off from your newfound community of animal enthusiasts. But, if it seems like all the other dogs are itching and scratching, what’s an owner to do? Hanson recommended being proactive before arriving at the park. Apply a preventative flea control treatment, like Hartz® UltraGuard Pro® Flea and Tick Drops for Dogs and Puppies to your pooch before heading out to the dog park.

On the flip side, if your dog seems to be the first of the bunch to experience an infestation, you shouldn’t allow his situation to spread to all his furry friends. Business Insider noted that it’s proper dog park etiquette to keep your pup away from pals until he is flea-free.

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