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Hartz® Disposable Male Wraps with FlashDry® Gel Technology - 52ct

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  • Highly absorbent core with FlashDry® technology turns urine into gel instantly for up to 6 hours* of leak-proof protection
  • Excellent for dogs who suffer from incontinence, excessive marking, are recovering from surgery, urinate from excitement and for travel purposes
  • Patented “Comfort Hold Strip” provides soft & comfortable yet secure fit for your dog without the velcro sticking to the fur. It can be shifted over and over again so you’re able to position the wrap securely for a tightened and customized fit
  • Includes 52 soft and disposable wraps in designer prints for male dogs
  • To find your dog’s waist size, measure the widest point around your dog’s waist.
  • Learn More About Disposable Male Wraps
Quantity Size Weight Waist Size
40 Count S 10 - 22 lbs. 15" - 20"
46 count SS 5 - 13 lbs. 11" - 16"
52 count SSS Up to 6.5 lbs. Up to 12"
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Product Description

Hartz® disposable male wraps provide doting dog parents with a better solution for managing incontinence, excitable urination and plans to travel confidently. It delivers leak proof protection and comfort for your dog that you can count on at home and on the go. The expert design of Hartz® male wraps uniquely follows the natural contours of your dog’s waist to offer an unmatched fit that’s comfortable and breathable with soft and stretchable gathers, yet snug and secure.

Plus it contains Hartz® FlashDry® technology, which instantly turns urine into gel, ensuring your pet stays dry for up to 6 hours*. The patented, repositionable Comfort Hold Strip accommodates dogs of all shapes and sizes to ensure the most flexible and customizable fit.

*Based on the average 6 hour urine amount of a healthy dog (may vary depending on each dog)

Sizing Chart

We recommend using the waist size of your dog to ensure the best fit. This chart is a guide. Size and fit may vary depending on your dog’s body type.

WAIST Up to 12″ 11 – 12″ 15 – 20″
WEIGHT Up to 6.5lbs 5 – 13lbs 10 – 22lbs

Directions for Use

  1. The long side with the word “Front” is to be placed facing your dog’s head.
  2. Place the wrap on the underside of the stomach with the white absorbent area facing up covering your dog’s genitals.
  3. Hold the end with the Hold Strip against your dog, then pull the other end up and around your dog’s back.
  4. Fasten the wrap by securing the white surface on top of theHold Strip until the wrap is comfortably snug. The Hold Strip can be reattached multiple times.
  5. Adjust the wrap by pulling the side gathers to the outside of the wrap.
  6. Let your dog go back to normal activities.

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