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Hartz® Milk Replacer for Puppies Powdered Formula

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  • Precisely formulated to match a mother dog’s milk
  • Quick-mix powder blends easily with room temperature water for on-demand feeding; use with the Hartz Nursing Bottle (sold separately)
  • Features calcium for strong bones, magnesium for heart and muscle health, Vitamin A for eye development and linoleic acid to support healthy skin and coat
  • Can also be used as a food supplement for pregnant and nursing mothers, as well as convalescing dogs
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Product Description

Regular cow’s milk is not a sufficient source of nutrition for a puppy.

Hartz Powdered Puppy Milk Replacer is precisely formulated to emulate mother’s milk with the optimal balance of vitamins, minerals, and essential nutrients to support growth and development during the formative first 6 weeks of life.

Suitable as a supplement for pregnant, nursing, or convalescing dogs and ready for on-demand feeding – just mix with room temperature water. Use with our newborn pet bottle – specifically sized for small mouths (sold separately).

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