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Hartz® Squeakerz Dog Toy

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  • Plush toy includes four squeakers and crinkly texture to engage your pal in play
  • Includes 1 elongated, stuffing-free critter (beaver, raccoon or fox) that's perfect for tugging, tossing or shaking, and comes with a fluffy tail to entice your playful pooch
  • Helps keep your canine companion entertained to prevent boredom, anxiety and destructive behavior
  • Keeps your dog pawsitively engaged with a variety of stimulating textures for solo play or interactive pet parent bonding time
raccoon, beaver, fox
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Product Description

A busy dog is a happy dog, and Hartz Squeakerz fit the bill for playful pups who crave an interactive experience. This long, woodland critter features four loud squeakers and a crinkly texture to cause instant tail wags. A fluffy tail is perfect for grabbing hold to toss, shake and tug whether your dog is playing solo or spending precious bonding time with you.

Soft and cuddly, Squeakerz also makes a great cuddle buddy during down time. Best of all, this toy contains no stuffing, which means less mess and less stress! Remember to supervise your pup with any toy.

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