What's Your Cat's Play Style?

Not all cats like to lie around and nap all day.

Playtime makes up a huge portion of a cat’s life and playing with your cat strengthens your bond, helps disperse aggression, reduces fear, builds trust and confidence in shy cats and corrects inappropriate biting and scratching.

By setting aside playtime, you will provide exercise for both the mind and body of your cat. Cats have big personalities and their play style can be very different from one another.

Below is an overview of the four play patterns for cats. Which of these does your kitty express the most?


If your cat loves running around and chasing things, then your cat engages in swat play. Small toys that move easily such as Hartz® Just For Cats™ Midnight Crazies® will surely stimulate your cat’s curiosity and activity.


Cats are true carnivores; most of their games center on hunting. Rabbit, Bird, Fish, and Mouse are the four major games that cats play, and their mothers teach them these skills as kittens. Hunt toys like Hartz® Just For Cats™ 5 Pack Mini Mice™ combined with catnip will bring out instincts in your cat that will keep your kitty hunting for hours.


If your cat likes playing with others, toys like Hartz Just For Cats® Kitty Caster™ Cat Toy  will provide hours of fun and interactivity for you and your cat. Playing interactively with your cat can be a great bonding experience and is an effective way to build trust.


If none of the above play styles sound like your furry feline, then it’s likely they prefer good old catnip or toys with scratch benefits to unleash their natural tendencies.

It is a proven fact that carnivores are among the most intelligent and sociable of all mammals. Theory has it that playing provides a framework for developing survival skills beyond predatory instincts. Other animals joining cats in the playful category include dogs, apes, monkeys, and dolphins.

So, what are you waiting for? It’s playtime!