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Hartz Dentist’s Best® with DentaShield® Dental Kit for Dogs & Cats

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  • Dual ended toothbrush features both large and small heads to accommodate dogs and cats of all sizes
  • Includes toothbrush, finger brush and a 3 ounce tube of toothpaste specially formulated with DentaShield to clean, freshen and whiten teeth
  • Ergonomic angles make it easier to brush your furry friend's teeth
  • Bristles help to gently remove food debris and plaque
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Product Description

Dogs and cats suffer from tartar, gum disease and tooth loss just like we do. The Hartz Dentist’s Best Dental Kit provides an oral care system to help remove and control harmful plaque that clings to teeth and gums, causing cavities and gingivitis. Revolutionary DentaShield technology is infused in the 3 ounce tube of toothpaste, and works by bonding with components in your dog’s saliva to clean, freshen and whiten teeth. Plus, it’s scientifically proven to help reduce tartar.

The ergonomic, dual headed toothbrush ensures a perfect fit for every mouth and an angled neck for easy reach. Extra soft bristles provide a gentle yet effective cleansing action. The bonus finger brush comes in handy for cleaning hard-to-reach teeth such as molars, and helps kittens, puppies and new pets become used to the act of brushing.

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