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Hartz® Squeak & Treat Dog Toy

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  • Plush duck toy can be stuffed with treats to make playtime even more exciting
  • Features a durable, flexible pocket that withstands gnawing and pawing from persistent pups, and provides stimulation in a rewarding and mind building manner
  • Contains a squeaker and crinkly, textured wings to entice ruff-housing
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Product Description

Turn playtime into puzzle time with the Hartz Squeak & Treat. This feathered friend is a thoughtful combination of soft plush and a bit of a mystery. Clever canines will have a tail waggin’ good time perfecting their treat retrieving skills while satisfying their need for stimulation in a rewarding and mind-building manner. Simply stretch the flexible pocket and drop in a few treats, then watch as your playful pal figures out how to finesse their way to a tasty prize. The treat pouch is durable to withstand pawing and gnawing from persistent pups. Crinkly wings and a hidden squeaker add to the fun.

When Fido is stuffed, the Squeak & Treat makes for a perfectly plushy cuddle buddy too! Remember to supervise your pup with any toy.

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