The Lap of Luxury: Glamorous Accessories for Your Pet

If you recently won the lottery and aren't sure what to spend your pretty pennies on, you're in luck!

From diamond-encrusted collars to beds fit for a furry princess, we've got a roundup of pet accessories that are absolutely drool-worthy!

Your dog may already have fur, but this $995 mink coat is the perfect way to let the world know you have a pedigree pup. There will be no mistaking who's who when you walk Princess down the street in an authentic Mink Fur Coat!

If you've got money in your pocket that you're just itching to get rid of, this crystal Hello Kitty dog bed is perfect! Containing more than 7,600 crystals and just big enough to fit a small lap dog, this pet bed was designed and created specifically for a special sales event in a department store in Tokyo. Unfortunately, there was only one made, but we're sure you could have another commissioned for somewhere around the original price of $31,660.

If the crystal bed is a tad out of your price range, take a look at this $20,000 dog house! A woman in Los Angeles commissioned Alan Mowrer of La Petite Maison in Denver to create an 11ft replica of her family home with luxury features like hardwood floors, heat, A/C, screened doors and windows, mini-blinds, handmade curtains, and landscaping complete with a white picket fence. She's even planning to install a plasma TV so the dogs can all watch Animal Planet together, their favorite television network.

This 52-carat dog collar was dubbed "the Bugatti of dog collars" by Forbes. That sounds just right, since the Amour is the world's most expensive dog collar! It is adorned with 1,600 diamonds, including a 7-carat centerpiece. At just over $3 million, it's reserved for only the most pampered of pooches!

Are you in the market for a new dog bowl? This bowl from Puppy de Paris is gilded in 24k gold and decorated with three fleurs-de-lis, just like the coats-of-arms of the kings of France. At a whopping $4,400, just make sure you have enough left over to buy food!

We hope you enjoyed this enviable list of pet accessories! Though most of our pooches will never drink their water from a 24k gold bowl, they'll thankfully love us just the same (as long as we scratch their bellies and provide them with an endless supply of treats!)